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Our community is big and it grows every day. We are sharing content with our loyal users and try to reach as much of them as we can.


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Dappcentre members are rewarded for their loyalty to our project.


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Any revenue generated from the growth of the community, sponsorships, & referral commissions will be held in the Airdrop Pool and will be distributed based on the amount of DPC being held in the TRON wallet address at the time of the snapshot. 


COMMUNITY SWAP IS NOW LIVE! Swap DAPPCENTS for our new BSC token DAPPDOLLAS (DPD) on the Binance Smartchain!



Dear DAPPDOLLAS community

Our team has decided that it is best for the project and for the community to postpone the Dappdollas presale launch until market conditions get better. The market is unstable right now with a lot of uncertainty. This will make it far more challenging for our team & community to achieve its goals during presale. This will also give our team more time to prepare for a successful launch. This will also give us more time to make some revisions to the whitepaper and to have everything 100% ready for launch. Our team is working very hard on this project and we want the project to be all most successful! So we feel at this time it would not be in the best interest of the community to hold a presale launch at this time.

Please join our community https://t.me/dappdollasDPD
to stay up to date on all information.

Thank you all for the love & support!

We will update you all soon!

Thank you!


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We strive to help build communities for DAPPs (Decentralized Applications) & other crypto related projects using social media. Dappcentre platform consists of social media outlets such as: Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, and most importantly our monetized YouTube channel. Dappcentre provides marketing services to crypto related businesses to help promote their products, while also building a community for their platforms. Dapps are becoming one of the most powerful tools for blockchain development and use case. We help bring these projects to the masses using a specialized marketing strategy that will help build a community for their platforms. We believe honesty & integrity is always the best policy. Our services are fully transparent, and we will be glad to share our analytics with our partners at any time.

"You do creative and we will do the rest."


 Dappcents white paper

Dappdollas white paper

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